This website is for beginners, I have written this program for primary school pupils, but they will probably need some help from a parent or teacher .

                              So what is Arduino? 

Well, It is a very small electronics board, and you can tell it what to do!

It can turn lights on and off; it can make electric motors speed-up and slow down; it can measure light, heat/temperature, sound and movement. It might be the best way to start learning about:

  • Computing,
  • Computer Languages, and
  • Robots.

What do we need?

  • An Arduino board,
  • A computer,
  • Arduino software (free),
  • Some connecting wires, and
  • Detectors, motors and/or LED lights.

If you want to use shields or make permanent projects, you will also need:

  • A fine tipped soldering iron, and
  • Solder.

You can learn a lot more about Arduino at their website, including where to buy one.